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I’m David – a remedial massage therapist in Adelaide, South Australia and I run a business called Myomasters Massage. I’ve been massaging for over 20 years. I believe that massage therapists should only be using natural, high quality products because you deserve it as much as your clients do.

I love using massage to help humans to move better, feel better and recover faster. It’s my passion that you love the body that you have and regain and retain the strength, energy and ability to do the things that you love to do. When I first started out massaging in footy locker rooms, we’d use this horrible sticky oil that was popular with sports trainers. It came in 5 litre dispenser packs and I reckon every footy club in Australia had some. Sometimes we’d use cooking oil or baby oil. I’m glad those days are over.

I went back to massage school nearly 10 years ago to requalify and update. I had some marvelous teachers who taught me to work with much more finesse than the “bang crash” massage I was used to. I was intrigued because we used a beeswax based balm. I loved using it because it had a beautiful slip, excellent grip, it didn’t feel gluggy or sticky on the client or on me, especially after a full day of massage. Even better, it didn’t spill. The product we used did have a downside, it smelled funny and eventually I grew to hate it.

This started a journey of experimenting – first with off the shelf products from suppliers around Australia. Nothing had the qualities I had come to love. I started to manufacture my own products using wax and simple oils. I came up with a ratio that I loved reproducing the luxurious and silky feel of quality balm with the grip that I loved for deeper work. Making my own products was just another task in running an already busy business.

In 2017 I met a wonderful massage therapist by the name of Christine Knox. She was from Scotland, and now living in Armidale in New South Wales. She introduced me to the Highand Wax range of massage products made by a close friend of hers. The owners had a passion for the environment (tick), a science / chemistry background (tick), disliked lavender (tick), and new massage becus they were massage therapists (big tick). These waxes had the slip and grip I’d come to enjoy in a range of beautiful scents as well as neutral products with absolutely no odour. LOVE!

Christine was the Australian distributor for Highland Wax until the end of 2019. Freight was becomming expensive so she opted to pass the distribution over. I’m so excited to be the new Australian distributor for Highland Wax bringing this product of exceptional quality to massage therapists throuhout Australia.

Highland Wax (Scotland) is owned by Mary-Ann and Stuart. I love that Mary-Ann is a massage therapist and uses her knowledge of our industry to develop products of consistently high quality that my clients, and masage therapists aroun Australia (and across the world) absolutey love. I love that their ethics include a love for the environment and that they have a concern for the plight of the honey bee. Both Mary-Ann and Stuart have backgrounds in analytical chmistry (the trade of my father) and I have absolute confidence in the quality and the safty of their massage products.

It’s my hope that you will love these massage waxes as much as I do. Use them to enhance the massage experience you provie your clients. You’ll find them to be versitile to use, luxurious in feel and a little bit cheeky as well.

David Clayton
Highland Wax Australia

David Clayton Owner of Highland Wax Australia