Highland Wax Australia

Premium Massage Products for Professional Massage Therapists
from the Highlands of Scotland

Great massage therapists knows that a quality massage oil not only feels amazing to the client, but it increases their ability to feel differences in the tissues, and allows you to work firmly and lightly without changing oils.

Once you have used a massage wax, you will never look back. Wax has a nice amount of slip for even the lightest of work, with the grip you need for deeper tissue and myofascial work.

We believe that massage therapists should only be using natural, high quality products because you deserve it and your clients do too. Use these massage waxes to enhance your massage experience. You’ll find them to be versatile to use, luxurious in feel and a little bit cheeky as well.

About Highland Waxes

Highland Wax Australia is the Australian distributor for Highland Wax Co (UK) a family owned business in Scotland who are passionate about sustainable land management and the plight of the honey bee. They hand craft these superior massage waxes with all natural ingredients.

We fell in love with Highland Wax 3 years ago and have used it in our own massage practice ever since. It feels beautiful to use, it smells great and clients love the feel of it on their skin.

These beautiful waxes are made using Scottish beeswax from bees that forage amongst the heather growing in the Highlands. The creators hand source all the ingredients for their quality and healing properties. The result is a wonderful massage wax that is beautiful to use and that are made responsibly.


The Highland Wax Story

Why Highland Wax

Many massage therapists are using straight vegetable oils, manufactured sports rubs and oils mixed with dispersants.

Cheap oils go rancid over time, can leaver your skin itchy and raw, feel gross on for your clients and can clog your towels. They’re easy to spill and not fitting for a high quality massage.

Highland Wax products have versitile slip and grip properities and are made with low or no scent and using hand sourced ingredients.

Highland Waxes are superior for massage because they:

  • feel luxurious
  • are made from ethically and sustainablly sourced ingredients
  • are free of preservatives and other additives
  • are made using all natural ingredients
  • are stable at room temperature
  • can be used for light and deep massage
  • won’t spill on your table or flooring
  • have subtle aroma or no aroma
  • won’t leave your room smelling like a football locker room