Frequently Asked Questions

Where are Highland Waxes made?

The Highland Wax range of massage waxes are made by the Highland Wax Co in Foynesfield, Scotland.  We are the Australian distributor for Highland Wax.

Is Highland Wax a vegan product?

Beeswax is a core ingredient of Highland Wax and therefore it is not suitable for strict vegans.


What are the key ingredients of Highland Wax?

The base of all our standard range of waxes are made from Beeswax (Cera Alba), cold pressed olive oil (Olea Europaea), Peach Kernel Oil (Prunus Persica) and Vitamin E Oil (Tocopherol). Various essentials are blended with the waxes to give them their wonderful aromas.

Our Be Sensitive range is made using Beeswax (Cera Alba), cold pressed olive oil (Olea Europaea) and Vitamin E Oil (Tocopherol)

What sizes do Highland Waxes come in?

We stock two jar sizes – a 50g jar perfect for your kit bag for mobile massage or if you are still experimenting with wax. And our Pro-pack – 320g jar perfect for your massage room, particularly if you are seeing a lot of clients.

Does the massage wax go off?

Highland Wax is made without added preservatives. Tocopherol (vitamin E) is added to all waxes to prevent rancidity – it is a naturally occurring, plant-based antioxidant. We recommend using your massage wax within 12 months of opening.

Can I use Highland Waxes for Pregnancy Massage?

Well that’s a curly question.  Our Be Sensitive and Be Natural range of waxes are neutral – no essential oils are added.
As long as you screen your client for skin sensitivities and allergies (as usual) – then these products are safe for use in pregnancy.

Our scented waxes are made using all-natural ingredients and high grade therapeutic essential oils.
Some essential oils are contraindicated for use in pregnancy.  There are also studies supporting the use of aromatics in pregnancy.
We suggest that if you have not trained in aromatherapy then you need to make informed choices before using any massage product during pregnancy.

What about oncology massage then?

Our Be Sensitive wax would make an excellent choice for oncology massage because it is fragance free and nut free..
Generally, any strongly scented massage product would not be suitable for oncology massage – cancer treatments have unpredictable effects on the human body and smell is one of those things. There are published studies concerning the use of aromatic products during cancer treatments – we suggest you read those and make an informed decision.

What does freight cost?

We use Sendle to freight to your door most places in Australia.  Freight is calculated automatically at the checkout on weight as quoted directly from Sendle.  What we pay is what you pay with no mark ups.

I want to buy in bulk, can you do me a deal?

Do you run a busy practice and need to keep a lot of stock on hand?
Do you want to sell this beautiful product to your clients in your clinic?

Write to us and let’s talk.